Wednesday, July 14, 2010

trifecta: tiny toadstool

ahem. well. it seems that i fell off of the blog bandwagon for a good long while there, but i'm back. and with good reason. (oh, and i pinky swear that i won't let weeks pass without showing this blog some love again. really.)

i was browsing my tree & kimball google analytics (incidentally, best invention/ most fascinating tool ever) a week or two ago, when i stumbled upon... world's cutest girl. it's fair to say that i squealed with delight when i saw that she was wearing one of my necklaces. because, you guys, wait until you see her...

i know. i know. like i said: world's cutest girl.

yes, those are wings. you saw it right.

(all photos via shan shan's blog, tiny toadstool)

not only does have killer shoes & an awe-inspiring sense of style, but it turns out that she also makes this:

and this:

and THESE:

yep, that's right. she makes wildly playful & meticulously hand-embroidered berets & mittens that make my heart melt. i have obviously now begun saving my pennies so that i may someday own one of these little beauties.

in the wise words of one niecy nash (sorry, can't help it, i love her)... can you stand to see more? because that's not all -- she also has a vintage shop filled with beautifully-photographed and adorably-styled (duh) clothing.

so, in short, what i'm saying is this: go on & show this perfect trifecta of a girl some love & visit her here, here, & here. because she really is the coolest.


  1. What a great find Lisa! I love her things, flipping through Etsy now.

  2. she's pretty cool, but i always thought miss lila and madame lia were tied for cutest girls. mmmnow i'm a little confused.

  3. glad you like her things too, morgan! serious eye candy.

    lia: obvsly you bring up a valid point. shall we discuss further over (many) drinks?