Tuesday, August 3, 2010

in my dreams: sister visit

i've made some plans to go to nyc for some sister-time next weekend & i couldn't be more excited. my excitement is due to several factors:

1. my sister is my best friend. i love her at least one million tons.
2. we will undoubtedly eat lots of delicious food.
3. i get to meet my cousin & his wife's brand-new baby boy. i suppose the baby is technically considered my second cousin, but that just sounds crazy to me... after all, he is not even a month old & i have 28 years under my belt. i think that a new term is in order.
4. we will perhaps... go shopping. (my sister & i, not the baby & i. c'mon guys, try to keep up.)

the prospect of these activities got me thinking: if i'm going to be traipsing around all day in steamy manhattan & brooklyn, i want some serious comfort. but i would also, ideally, look really great while enjoying said comfort. hence: my outfit wish-list.

although i cannot read a word of this swedish website, i will surmise from the looks of this lovely dress that it is silk. and that is precisely what i want to be wearing in 100 degree heat.

this delightful bag from hickoree's hard goods would come in handy for toting around some serious H2O reserves.

and finally, what has been the object of my affection for some time: these beautiful & wacky oxfords from osborn shoes.

now, as i mentioned, i recently indulged in a few wonderful things irl, so all three of the above beauties will have to remain right where they are: in my dreams. but two of my indulgences arrived in the mail today, so i will instead excitedly wear them. hooray!

which items are you itching to get your sticky little hands on right now?


  1. This http://www.etsy.com/listing/52458964/vintage-antique-1930s-navy-blue-blouse is at the top of my list right now. I sigh every time I see it!

  2. now i'm sighing too!! that blouse is positively stunning.

  3. Wow, I complete love the Hickorees bag!