Monday, August 2, 2010


ever since leaving anthro & striking it out on my own, i have become exceedingly pennywise. no more are the days of $300 skirts from cute little boutiques. nor are these the days of chie mihara anymore (though perhaps someday...). instead, these are the days of incessant thrifting, which, i must admit, have done my closet much more good than the spendy boutique visits. but, as it happens, i am not entirely reformed... there have been a few indiscretions this week (though all vintage & all from beloved etsy).

photo evidence below:

perfect, oh-so-perfect, dress that i scooped up from dear golden vintage this afternoon. i will be wearing this little piece of heaven to a wedding up in the adirondacks later this month. obviously, i will now be excitedly counting down the days to this event.

prim & adorable little blouse that i simply could not resist from vint condition. what pushed me over the edge is the fact that it was made in bucks county, just outside of philly. shop local, right? ha!

and then there are the perfect neutral everyday sandals (for which i've been in the market for some time now) from vim vigor vintage.

now that i have indulged & showered myself with (mostly undeserved) presents, i will now reel it in & go back to spending money almost exclusively on food, alcohol, & lace. it's a good thing i like those three things so much.


  1. buahahaha! i like how "alcohol" is one of your necessities. HEAR HEAR!

    Sarah Westervin

  2. ha! maybe too honest? but it's such an essential part of my daily life*

    *i swear i'm not a drunk.

  3. Love your purchases, and not just because the blouse was one of them! That dress is so perfect, and as a native and resident of the Adirondacks, it will be utterly perfect to wear at a wedding!