Monday, May 17, 2010

a bit of philly: italian market festival

i arrived home from ohio just in the nick of time to take in the super delicious italian market festival. and believe me, this was no coincidence. pasta, cheese, cannolis, me. we had a date.

the boy & i passed these lovely rose bushes on our walk to the festival. south philly may not have a lot of green, but when it does, it makes my heart sing. pretty pretty.

this may not look like much, but it was goooood. penne with vodka sauce & cheese ravioli from talluto's. being vegetarian at the italian market festival can present a bit of a challenge (think pepperoni on sticks & just about every cured meat under the sun), so hip hip hooray for pasta!

can you see those cannolis piled high in the corner there? from the moment i met it, the ricotta chocolate chip from termini brothers is something i just don't know how to live without.

okay, let's talk about this guy: his name is johnny d (see amazing hand-drawn cardboard sign above). he had his own little booth at the festival & was drawing people (they're not pictured, but he was drawing a young couple as i took this photo). at first glance, i thought that he was doing amusement park style caricatures, and honestly, i was impressed. because he looks to be about 12. but no. no, you guys. it's so much better than that... he was drawing stick figures. with sharpies. this officially made him the coolest 12 year old i had ever met. also, it makes him the best businessman ever. because there was definitely a queue to get a johnny d original. wow.

after taking in a few moments of the sleepwells, a stroll into the vintage shoe shop, and a slice of pizza (oops!) from j & j, we headed home, stuffed & happy. a perfect day with my favorite boy.

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