Wednesday, May 26, 2010

chalk it up: 28

well, folks, it's happened... i'm another year older & i couldn't be happier about it. i rang in 28 with some seriously awesome friends, that boy that i like so much, & four reeeeeeally cute pups. i ate loads of delicious food cooked by said boy, received unexpected & beautifully thoughtful gifts from said group of friends, and the kicker? the LOST finale was on my birthday. i know. I KNOW. too good. another day that i count my lucky stars.

let's talk about her, shall we? this is maimer. she belongs to my friend mike. she is a smooshface. pretty uncoordinated, real wrinkly, and man, are those little teeth sharp. puppy breath too. i really love this nerd.

gorgeous flowers from my friends brian & nicole. these pretty ladies have been keeping me company in my studio, brightening my day & making me want to inhale a little deeper with each breath.

totally amazing hammered cuff with itsy bitsy imprinted arrows from la & karen. can you see the arrows? i love that they are a little secret until you look real real close. it's the little things. love love.

CHEESE. i love cheese. probably too much. my really killer friend lia got me 3(!) kinds of cheese for my b-day. we're going to eat these & drink beers in my backyard. i'm excited.*

*i accidentally cheated and already tried the dill havarti. don't tell lia. it was sooo good.

oh, only the most intricately beaded & completely stunning bag ever made. nbd. yet another humblingly incredible gift from my friend nicole. i'll be using this divine little number on my wedding day in (gasp!) a few weeks.

see that perfect little mustard flower pot with the pretty butter yellow petunias, purple bluebird, and dusty miller on the left there? my friend fiona potted those & gave them to me as a b-day gift. i needed one more flowerpot to make my little backyard the perfect little slice of heaven for me and she knew. i didn't tell her. she just knew. why am i so lucky? i dunno. but i am.

also, please note the small pup on the chaise. he is mine. i love him. please also note the hairbrush on the ground next to him. that's his favorite toy. he stole it from me one day as i was brushing my hair & it's been his ever since. it works out well anyway, i think -- he loves it much more than i ever did.

so, basically, to sum up the whole day: best ever. he's not pictured, but you know that boy that i like? he never ceases to amaze me. took me out for yummy vegan dinner & (un-vegan) ice cream the night before my b-day, surprise bought me this print that i love so much, cooked me homemade mac & cheese as well as some criminally delicious lemon bars, and did it all with a smile on his face. and in less than a month, he's stuck with me for good. i win.


  1. you DO win.

    i think this is you in disguise:

    and oh DANG you're getting married soon! maybe you can set your laptop on a chair somewhere and i'll skype in...

    congrats on all your happiness, little lady :)

    <3 Sarah Westervin

  2. whoa. that little girl is SO COOL. she had me laughing the whole way through. i will now be passing this video on to approximately everyone i know.

    omg, to have you skype in to the wedding sounds like the most brilliant idea ever. hahah. i can just imagine it.

    <3 <3