Monday, May 3, 2010

the first. oh my.

what i thought would never happen has indeed happened: i have a blog.

since you just never know what life will hand you, i'm going to let this blog take shape as it may. a few things that i am certain it will include are as follows: things that make me smile, people that i love, bits that inspire me, and let's be honest, photos of my pup (because he's all three of those things).

speaking of that little fellow, there he is stealing my pillow... again. what a rascal.


  1. I christen thee, Tree & Kimball blog, with your first official comment! Welcome to bloggingdom. May you live long and prosper.

    You're really making it too easy to stalk you :)

    (Adding you to my blogroll in T minus 10 seconds...)

    <3 Sarah Westervin

  2. sarah, i can't think of anyone i'd rather have a first comment from!! thanks for the blog love.

    it's really more of a mutual stalking, you know?

  3. Oh, I know. I know...

    <3 Sarah Westervin