Thursday, June 10, 2010

bachelorette: stolen innocence

i've said it before, and i'll say it again -- i love my friends (and my little sis!). and here's why: for my bachelorette party, i was treated to a full day of fun.

we started our day at parc & had delicious brunch, complete with fancy cocktails.

and this really stole the show for me. {oh hai} a cheese plate with fresh honeycomb, blueberry compote, & three ridiculously good varieties of cheese. YUM.

did i mention that my little sis rented a red mini cooper convertible named mackenzie (zip car named it that, not us... i swear) for the day?! that's my friend nicole cruising in the back seat. awesome.

after brunch, nicole, my sis, & i went to get totally amazing massages & eye/ neck treatments. generally speaking, i'm not the most relaxed person {understatement of the year}, so this little treat made me feel like a million bucks.

later in the day, we met up with the rest of the ladies for dinner at rangoon. i stuffed myself full of thousand layer bread, tea leaf salad, & monsoon vegetable. yum again.

(pictured: my friend lila making the model pose that we both love to hate)

next up was karaoke at yakitori boy in chinatown. this was my first karaoke experience & i was not disappointed. let's take a look at the ladies in action, shall we?

oh, well, first let's figure out this dang karaoke machine. it's complicated. and nevermind the nasty lyrics on the screen -- we didn't pick those. we (i) wanted to listen/ sing to heart, not japanese rap, for goodness sakes.

okay, figured out by this point. not sure what we're singing to, but it must have been good.

this is fiona. she rules. she was the sultry voiced karaoke star of the evening.

action shot. i think perhaps this was to a madonna song?

accidentally took super zoomed photos. here are parts of nicole & lia's faces. aren't they nice?

and some parts of my & my little sis's faces. she's the best. ever. love her to the max.

okay, this was the part of the night that suddenly turned NSFB (not safe for blogging). we had a surprise (to me) ahem... gentleman caller? i've cropped out everything but his biker-themed arm, but you can clearly see the distress that his arrival brought me. good thing my sis isn't married yet... i'm TOTALLY getting her back for this one.

lots of shrieks, piles of whipped cream, & gratuitous nudity later, we moved on to my friends brian & nicole's house, where we met up with the boys. *phew*

surprise cheesecake! we all dug in (and did some very thorough work on it), while hanging on the stoop out front. yum yet again.

here's the boy & his best friend, ryan (but not in that order). no longer sober {other understatement of the year}.

after a brief stop at the world's sketchiest bar called the republican club (no idea why it is called that?), where we saw some incredibly skilled pole dancers, we made our way home, at long last. on our way back, ryan bought me some flowers at the gas station, as well as some tastycakes for travis (aw, how sweet).

so, to sum it up, it was an unbelievably fun day. it was filled with waaaay more nudity than this prude was prepared for, but boy was it worth it.


  1. one time i missed my flight because i was at the republican for too long. whoops

  2. no way!! umm, i totally wanted to ask the one dancer if she taught lessons. she was AMAZING.

  3. p.s. wish you could have been there!! are you back from your european adventure yet?

  4. love it! looks like ya'll had a blast! wish I could have seen you with Liz's surprise;) Perfect day to pop your karaoke cherry! Cheers bride to be very shortly.