Monday, June 14, 2010

very much in love: hollie chastain

very much in love... with the work of collage artist holly chastain.

old bits of paper with faded text peppered with vibrant cut out dots and linear ink drawings juxtaposed with old sepia photos?! be still my heart. and her color palette? don't even get me started.

you can grab (extremely affordable) prints of these beauties from her etsy shop. i'm still waiting to find out how i can get my hands on this one or this one (but sadly i think i'm out of luck). and i'd gladly take each & every single one of these too, thanks (of course her flickr is filled with so much eye candy that i can hardly stand it).

how to pick one?? decisions, decisions, as my mom would say. but i need at least one piece of her work, i know that much for sure.


  1. ooh, I heart the bright colors coming out from the line drawings. pretty!

  2. i know, right?! her use of color is so stunning! <3

  3. thank you thank you thank you for the lovely words lisa! ^_^